MINX Footwear | C.REED Clothing offer distinct and exclusive designer wear for the fun, feminine individual who can be either overtly or quietly confident, adventurous and loyal. MINX was established in 2000 and since then the home grown brand with a global presence has grown exponentially to include accessories the addition of C.REED the clothing label realising a long held dream of Cushla’s was to dress woman head to toe.

Cushla Reed

MINX director and designer extraordinaire, Cushla (Cush) Reed, is all about creating style statements that express a woman’s individuality. Shaped by a handmade shoe heritage, the talented visionary grew up working in her family shoe factory near Wellington.
Cushla is a rare breed in today’s footwear industry as she still hand sketches every design and is involved in day to day operations. Cush enjoys giving back where she can and works with several charities directly or via her nationwide retailer network.

Our People and Production

We thought it was time to have a transparent chat with you about who helped craft the beautiful shoes on your feet and the clothing you're rocking! The factories we choose to work with are all family owned and operated by amazing husband and wife teams in their mid thirties. MINX footwear and C.Reed clothing are both crafted in small boutique factories, where at peak production, they hire a maximum of 30 staff.
The staff (our team) ear a good/fair living wage. They work Monday to Friday and have their weekends off. They can choose to contract on a Saturday if the factory has extra work. Lunch is provided at work daily.
We use five different shoe factories that are located in Southern China (Guang Zhou) And the C.Reed factory is located just down the road in Dongguan Guandong Province. At the MINX factories 60% of workers are female with 1/3 of the females being in management roles. At C.Reed our team is roughly 50/50 ratio women to men. Some of our factories even let their employees bring their pets to work! 
We run our business respecting rules and regulations wherever we operate. This extends to respecting human rights and embracing diversity and inclusion. We want to be here for you for the long term!
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