We're in a Pretty Polly Mood

Happy Friday Minxie Ladies!

We are in a flatform..... suit pants.... loafer heel kind of mood today while answering all your Minxie questions!! Another reminder that sadly the beautiful Trench Cush is wearing didn't make it through to production this year  We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Shown in Live -

Pretty Polly - https://minx.co.nz/search?type=product&options%5Bprefix%5D=last&q=Pretty+Polly

Fortune - https://minx.co.nz/products/fortune-black-patent

Vici Khaki Lizard - https://minx.co.nz/products/vici-i-conquered-khaki-lizard

Velveteen Blazer - https://minx.co.nz/products/velveteen-blazer?_pos=1&_sid=cc31ce276&_ss=r (Renee was wearing a small)

Princess Tee White - https://minx.co.nz/products/princess-tee-white

(Renees pants are from Marks and Spencer)

Sadly we made a mistake and the Lee Boot in black is not coming in the next shipment... 

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