On Wednesday's we wear Pink

On Wednesdays.... we wear PINK. In honour of the classic hit movie Mean Girls we decided to wear PINK today to pair with our new pink summer favs. What is your favourite Minx Pink style? Comment below!

Shown in Live -

Bow Peep Hot Pink - https://minx.co.nz/products/bow-peep?variant=39979219943502

Flora Lolly Pink - https://minx.co.nz/products/flora?variant=39937572798542

Hopscotch Pink - https://minx.co.nz/products/hopscotch?variant=39937576370254

Gala Minxie Brights - https://minx.co.nz/products/gala?variant=39988989427790

Geo Box Overlay - https://minx.co.nz/products/geo-box-cut-over-layer-candy-pink?_pos=1&_sid=dbee72dd2&_ss=r

Scoop Neck Over Dress - https://minx.co.nz/products/scoop-neck-over-dress-candy-pink?_pos=7&_sid=2ae3b34bd&_ss=r

Buckle Up Baby Pink - https://minx.co.nz/products/buckle-up?variant=39979266342990

Buckle Up Paint Stripe - https://minx.co.nz/products/buckle-up?variant=39979266375758

Square Banf Hot Pink - https://minx.co.nz/products/square-banf?variant=39939001286734

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