It's a new week, and today we wanted to answer some questions we've received from our wonderful Minxie Ladies!
Amanda wanted to know what Bandit Sneakers we have available this season. As well as our classic White Milled and White Perf, we have some beautiful floral options:
Or for a easy, on the go option, why not try our Zip Band!
Vicki wanted a suggestion of a chunky brown shoe. Kirsten's suggestion is the Bite Mark in Cocoa Check:
Next up, Cush profiled the Zena Tessa:
And if your feet do need a bit of love after a long day of standing and walking, we do have our beautiful I.AM.MINX foot care ritual pack:
Casey asked if we could try on the Linda Boot:
and Gail spotted Cush's amazing sneakers! Keep your eyes peeled ladies, these are coming very soon and we can't wait to share more info!
Thanks for all of the questions, please let us know what other styles you'd like to see profiled in upcoming lives!

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